More and more ESG ratings for ARAN World

Three consecutive years in which ARAN World has been recognized among  the top 100 companies that have achieved the most significant increases in ESG rating (Top 100 Performances) at the Sustainability Award, the recognition created by Kon Group, promoted by ELITE and with the support of the main partner Azimut Emilia-Romagna, Marche and Umbria.

„Being included in the Top 100 Performance list for three years in a row is another important step forward in a broader commitment,” says Erika Rastelli, Chief People Officer ARAN World. „It is a privilege to be able to count on our family business to continue to promote the development of the Italian business world and the territory. We want to continue to be more and more attentive to social and environmental issues in order to constantly improve corporate governance,” continues Erika Rastelli.

The alphabet on which ARAN World builds its language, both internal and external, does not begin with the classic ABC but with ESG, reconfirming a company policy that bases its knowledge and awareness on sustainable production development. Innovation and renewal continue to be the pillars of ARAN World’s operations, validated by a meticulous analysis resulting from objectively measurable coefficients that are also contained in the acronym ESG: Environmental, Social and Governance. These are the parameters with which the Abruzzo-based company is confronted in a tight evolutionary and qualitative process. Three fundamental dimensions to verify, measure, control and support the company’s commitment to sustainability. The Abruzzo-based company’s approach to these necessary reflections starts precisely from the purchase of products or specific investment choices. In these three spheres, ARAN World applies itself, year after year, to develop innovative eco-design solutions based on an idea of circular economy. Designing and manufacturing products combining aesthetic and functional performance with the sustainability of materials, focusing mainly on reusable raw materials. On a practical level, the conscious choice to take advantage of the long life cycle of materials contributes significantly to reducing waste and pollution of various kinds. This is demonstrated by the inclination towards reclaimed wood used in the most recent collections by ARAN World.

„We believe that the creation of well-being and the improvement of the quality of life of the community in which we operate are indispensable prerogatives in  the vision of  our company,” continues Erika Rastelli of ARAN World. A focus on others that also embraces diversity in its broadest sense: a training course in which the Abruzzo region is involved in inclusion with Diversity & Inclusion, an ad hoc external and internal training program. Investing in training and the development of new skills and promoting the transmission of company know-how  to new generations is essential to continue to improve the well-being of the community. Over the last few years, in fact, scholarships have been activated for the children of the company’s employees. Promoting quality, equitable and inclusive education is an opportunity to be expanded also through targeted coaching  activities aimed at individual employees and training internships dedicated to young people, so that they can get to know the organized reality of the company, interweaving theoretical notions with practical lessons.

ARAN World’s industrial approach is certainly oriented towards the creation of value in the long term. With this in mind, the presence of women also plays an important role: supporting  women empowerment by including more women in departments, both in production and in offices, and approaching sport through the sponsorship of an A2 series women’s basketball team to create value in the area, always with particular regard to the youth sector. Reconfirmed again this year by  he Sustainability Award among the 100 Italian companies that have made innovation and renewal the principles of their operations, significantly improving ESG standards.

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